Sexual freedom requires that we all stand up for our basic human rights. Slutwalks are a peaceful demonstration of unity, tolerance, and acceptance. Sex is not the enemy. Learn more.

Sex Matters

Support the organisations that are defending our sexual rights like Sex Matters and NUM.

Embrace Fetish

Understand that fetish and kink stem from primal parts of our shared ancestry. They are expressions of deeply important parts of who we are. Spice up your love life.

Accept the label

Take our Sex Metric Quiz to find out where you place on the sexual spectrums. What will you find out about yourself? Take the quiz.

Sexual Freedom

Join in the fight to advance the rights of individual sexual freedom. Play your part in making the world into a diverse and equitable sexual landscape in keeping with our base carnal desires. Support the cause.

Find Community

The Internet has brought us together in ways we could never have predicted. Use it to find your community, like-minded folks who want what you want out of life. The good kind of social media.

Sex Positive

As we evolve our shared understanding of what sexual liberty means, we must embrace the past as well as the future. This requires remixing important ideas to make real impact. Read about sex positive feminism.

Education & Stimulation

Learn what gets you off, learn what your partners want, become proficient in new techniques. Know how to satisfy others and know how to satisfy yourself. Search for information.

Earn your keep

We want to embrace diversity so that everyone can get what they need. The democritisation of porn has led to an explosion in expression and liberation. We support this and ask that you join us. Support a creator today.

Working to free the world from sexual repression the Church Of Carnal Knowledge dedicates this shrine to sluts everywhere.
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